『VISTA Cafe』(2F)

| Japanese and Western buffet breakfast |

The "Umakamon Breakfast" buffet, which includes Tonkotsu Ramen (pork bone broth ramen) and other gourmet foods symbolic of Hakata and Kyushu, such as Nagasaki Sara Udon and Miyazaki Karamen (spicy Miyazaki noodles), served daily, has received comments from guests such as "I found something on the menu that I could not eat during my trip. I’m glad to be able to eat here”

Enjoy a breakfast that incorporates the chef's ingenuity and arrangement.

Chef's Recommended Menu

| Chicken breast with honey mustard sauce |

The meat is cooked at a low temperature for 6 hours, making it moist and tender, and it tastes great with the handmade sauce.

We offer a daily changing menu with different arrangements, such as Western and Chinese style, so that guests staying for consecutive nights can enjoy the food every day.

| roasted pork |

Roasted pork, also cooked at a low temperature, is served with a daily changing menu, including the standard Japonais (onion) sauce and mustard-miso wasabi sauce.

Hotel Vista's Umakamon Breakfast

| Gameni(chicken stew with carrot, burdock, etc. ) |

It is a typical local dish of Fukuoka Prefecture, and is also called "chikuzen-ni" in Japan.

It is often prepared for celebrations such as New Year's, festivals, and weddings, but it has also been popular in everyday home cooking as a side dish or side dish to accompany alcoholic drinks for a long time.

| Blue Mackerel |

It is a soul food unique to Fukuoka, where fresh mackerel can be obtained, and is one of the daily changing menu items.

It is thinly sliced and flavored with sesame sauce. It is served as is, but it is also recommended to eat it over hot rice.

| Sara Udon |

Sara Udon is a Nagasaki speciality. It has fried noodles that are topped with various vegetables and sea food or pork and is covered in a tasty sauce.

The crispy texture of the fried noodles makes this daily changing menu item popular among children.

| Mizutaki |

Mizutaki is a kind of hot pot(nabemono) made by simmering chicken meat and vegetables together in a chicken broth.

It is one of Fukuoka's representative local dishes and is served as a daily changing menu item.

| Tonkotsu Ramen (pork bone broth ramen) |

It is served everyday as a staple of the "Umakamon Breakfast" menu.

Please enjoy each dish with your favorite toppings, such as homemade chashu pork prepared after 4-5 hours of preparation, red ginger, kikurage, chopped green onion, etc.

| Mentaiko(spicy fish eggs) |

Hakata's most famous specialty, mentaiko, is also served everyday as a staple of the Umakamon Breakfast menu.

It is a must-try dish when you visit our hotel!

| Motsunabe |

Motsunabe is a Japanese food that is made from Beef or Pork Tripe (offal).

It is a popular Hakata specialty, along with Mizutaki, and is served daily changing.

Enjoy the flavor of the broth that soaks into the ingredients and the texture of the tender Motsu.

Restaurant Information

Venue'Vista Café', 2nd floor.
Opening Hours6:30〜10:00(Last entry 9:30)

Morning sunlight streams in through the Vista Café's large windows, while the wood-grained interior and greenery of the plantings create a sense of harmony and intimacy for visitors.
Please spend a pleasant moment at Vista Cafe at the beginning of a day.