[Hakata-za](2 min walk from the hotel)

It is one of the largest theaters in Kyushu dedicated to theater, with a variety of monthly performances, including kabuki and musicals. Hakataza is the only theater in Japan that has all of these facilities, Including a stage, Hanamichi, Sleeve hanamichi, Toya, Naraku, and Orchestra pit, making it suitable for all genres of theater. Every year in June, Kabuki actors perform a "boat ride" on the Hakata River, making the theater even more lively.
[Photo provided by:Fukuoka City]

[Marine Messe Fukuoka](22 min walk from the hotel)

Marine Messe Fukuoka was renamed Marine Messe Fukuoka A in 2019, with B opening in 2021. Various events such as live concerts, sporting events, academic conferences, and exhibitions are held here, with a maximum capacity of 15,000 people in Hall A and 6,000 people in Hall B.
Nearby are the Fukuoka International Congress Center and Fukuoka International Center, and there is also a multi-story parking garage.
[Photo provided by:Fukuoka City]

[Kushida Shrine Yamakasa]
(4 min walk from the hotel)

Kushida Shrine, nicknamed "Ogushida-san," was built in 757, and the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival held in July is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. During the "Oyi-Yamakasa" festival held at night, Yamakasa is decorated with lights, making the town even more colorful and lively. There are many attractions such as the kazariyama on the grounds, the 1,000-year-old Kushida ginkgo tree, and the Chinese zodiac ehoban on the ceiling of the tower gate, making it a recommended spot for a stroll.

[Nakasu Street Food Alley]
(10 min walk from the hotel)

In 1946, it started as a simple temporary shop set up on the road, and around 1965 at its peak, there were more than 400 food stalls. Currently, about 100 stalls of various genres are lined up, and when the sun begins to set, retro stalls begin to appear in the city of buildings. Nakasu Yatai Yokocho, where you can casually stop by and gather delicious food, is loved by both locals and tourists alike.

[Canal City Hakata](9 min walk from the hotel)

The name Canal City comes from the canal that runs through the facility from north to south, and it was designed with the concept of "urban theater", such as the lush green walls and the fountain that is the symbol of the facility.
Within the grounds of Canal City, there are shopping malls, movie theaters, theaters, amusement facilities, and other facilities that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

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